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With cutting-edge technology, Uptown Dental Lab in Texas is known for providing the highest quality products meticulously. We have a rich experience of 20+ years and upgraded our dental labs with digital advancements, in milling, scanning, and 3D printing ensuring precision in fabricating our products. Additionally, we are experts in full-mouth ceramics, full-arch hybrid prostheses, and implant restorations. Our products are made of excellent quality materials including IPS e.max and VITA Enamic, keeping patient’s health as topmost priority. We offer free custom shades to patients visiting our dental lab in Texas, and our high-resolution photography ensures that the shades of the restorations match your Rx perfectly. Our Dental Lab in Texas is best suited for your oral health needs at competitive prices.

Serving dental offices and labs in the Texas area.


zirconia Teeth - Uptown Dental Lab

These durable and aesthetic dental crowns are made of zirconia for a natural look, you can choose from the available 6 options.

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A 100% monolithic restoration combination of strength and aesthetics to reproduce the natural look of your teeth.

Titanium Frame - Uptown dental Lab

A titanium framed substructure manufactured with the latest CAD/CAM technology to ensure an error-free fit for full-arch dental prostheses.

Dental Labs in Houston - Uptown Dental Lab

A non-removable titanium bar designed to merge with the implant interface while offering functionality.

The dental prosthetics fabricated for individual patients are custom-made for specified mouths while enhancing durability and comfort.

Implant Restoration - Uptown Dental Lab

It is the permanent solution of tooth loss in which the lost tooth of a patient is restored using the technique.

The effective solution for your misaligned, stained, chipped, or irregularly shaped teeth is ceramic veneers, which help in providing a natural smile.

all on 4 dental implants houston

The immediate load prosthesis conversion stress can be reduced with the conversion of the removable denture into a fixed temporary prosthesis.

Milled Provisionals - Uptown Dental Lab

These are precision-milled temporary full-arch prosthetics used during the healing phase of All-on-4 implant treatments.

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These are made from non-nylon and nonallergenic materials that are used to replace missing teeth and are comfortable to wear.


Night Guards​

These are the custom-fitted oral dentures worn during the night to prevent them from grinding and clenching which causes dental damage.

Denture Side - Uptown Dental Lab

A replacement for all the teeth in the mouth are full dentures which are custom-made using CAD/CAM to fit a person of any age and gender.

What Makes Us Different

At Uptown Dental Lab Texas, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional dental solutions that stand out in the industry. Get to know why we are a preferred choice among dental practitioners.

• Approach to excellence: We have a team of skilled technicians who make sure to deliver the products with precision to satisfy patients’ needs with excellence with lasting results.

• Digital advancements: The upgradation of our dental lab Texas with all the digital advancements is a testimony to the fact that we believe in innovation so that our dental products are not only highly accurate but also last longer.

• Customer satisfaction: Committed to providing reliable quality products, we aim to satisfy patients’ needs up to 100%.

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How do I choose the best dental lab?

If you have been looking for the best dental lab and searched for the best dental lab near me then you should check if it uses quality materials, technological advancements, craftsmanship, and a lab with good experience.

The benefits of a dental lab in modern dentistry include the use of cutting-edge equipment that provides meticulously crafted products, the use of high-quality materials that provide functionality and durability, and also customization up to customer satisfaction.

You can find a dental laboratory in Texas by searching for the term best dental lab near me on google maps and you’ll get a plethora of options. Amongst these, Uptown Dental Lab in Texas will give you excellent results with their high-quality products and timely delivery.You can find a dental laboratory in Texas by searching for the term best dental lab near me on google maps and you’ll get a plethora of options. Amongst these, Uptown Dental Lab in Texas will give you excellent results with their high-quality products and timely delivery.



DDS Board Certified Prosthodontist
“Uptown Dental Lab delivers beautiful results. Their experienced team definitively knows what they are doing; very efficient workflow, competitive price and reliable turnaround.”


DDS Board Certified Prosthodontist
“Uptown Dental Lab has the perfect blend of predictability and the highest level of quality. My partnership with them has been one of the smartest choices of my career. My patients deserve the best. That’s why I use Uptown Dental Lab exclusively.”