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Screw Retained Implant Crown, Texas

Screw-retained implant crowns are a perfect solution for patients experiencing a single tooth or multiple teeth loss due to reasons such as severe tooth decay, trauma, or any other dental ailment. Screw-retained crowns at the Uptown Dental Lab and Milling Center are engineered using cutting-edge, high-precision CAD/ CAM technology. 


Dentists choose these screw-retained crowns to provide a perfect fit, a life-like appearance, and an efficient cement-free solution to their patients. So, if you are looking for the best screw-retained implant crown solutions in Texas, feel free to reach out to Uptown Dental Lab at the earliest!

Benefits of Screw Retained Crowns

When to choose Screw Retained Implant Crown

The choice between screw-retained implant crowns and cement-retained crowns depends on the available restorative space and the angle at which the implant needs to be placed. Screw implant crowns engineered by the Uptown Dental Lab and Milling Center are chosen by dentists in Texas in cases of limited interocclusal space.

In general, screw crown implants are the most preferred choice by dentists to provide an accurate fit to their patients and reduce their chair time significantly. Furthermore, screw implant crowns by the Uptown Dental Lab are easy to retrieve down the road, if needed.

Benefits of Screw Retained Crowns

Screw-retained crowns by Uptown Dental Lab have several glaring benefits as compared to the regular crowns available on the market in Texas. The key benefits of these screwmentable implant crowns are as follows:

• Fabricated using high-precision CAD/ CAM technology
• Can be used for single/ multiple tooth loss
• Robust, durable, and affordable dental solution
• Render a precise fit
• Have a life-like appearance
• Reduces the chair time (procedure time) significantly
• Easier to retrieve in the future (if needed in case of any biological or technical issues).

Screw-retained implant crowns

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do dentists prefer screw retained crowns?

A screw-in implant crown is preferred by most dental professionals to significantly minimize the technical and biological issues that might arise from the usage of cement-retained crowns. Furthermore, the screw-retained crowns are used to provide patients with an accurate and robust fit, a life-like appearance, and reduced procedure time.

Q. How often do implant screws come loose?

Implant screws can come loose in rare instances such as trauma, bacterial infection, heavy bite force, etc. To avert this situation, it is crucial to opt for screw-retained implants engineered to perfection and follow good dental hygiene as suggested by dental professionals.  

Q. How do you fix a screw-retained implant crown?

In order to fix a screw-retained implant crown, the dental professional gently screws down the crown until it is completely stable and seated in the desired position. The dentist might take a periapical radiograph to make necessary adjustments and ensure an accurate and comfortable fit for the patient. 

Q. Which is better: cement or screw-retained implant crowns?

Screw-retained implant crowns are the preferred choice of most dentists as they reduce the biological and technical issues associated with cement-retained crowns considerably. Furthermore, screw-retained implant crowns help dentists give patients an accurate fit and a robust dental solution by reducing chair time significantly.

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