Uptown Dental Lab


Simply Natural™ Dentures

Simply Natural™ Dentures offer patients beautiful denture teeth that can be customized to their gender, age and natural tissue contours.

  • Choose from three full denture options to provide your edentulous patients the solution that best meets their clinical, esthetic and financial needs
  • Suited for expert clinicians and new doctors alike, with both heavily customizable and technique-free dentures available
  • Digital workflows simplify reordering

Beautiful, Comfortable Dentures Customized for Every Patient’s Smile

Simply Natural CAD/CAM Dentures provide clinicians accurate-fitting dentures that can be delivered in fewer appointments. Uptown Dental Lab has applied CAD/CAM technology to streamline the clinical and production processes while simultaneously enhancing the results. In as few as three clinical appointments — initial impression, try-in and final delivery — dentists can provide patients with complete dentures. An added benefit is that the digital design file is saved at the lab for five years, providing clinicians the opportunity to request additional prostheses in the future.

Highest Quality

Our products are of the highest quality materials (like IPS e.max and VITA Enamic) made in USA and Europe. This is one of the many reasons you can trust us!

Amazing Team

We have 20+ years of experience in this field. We eagerly embrace the changes that have come from integrating digital dentistry into our laboratory.

The Best Equipment

Selecting the right equipment that fits the space of your new dental practice is a big decision. You're probably going to be using this equipment for a long time, so you want to make sure that you're making the right decisions.



DDS Board Certified Prosthodontist
“Uptown Dental Lab delivers beautiful results. Their experienced team definitively knows what they are doing; very efficient workflow, competitive price and reliable turnaround.”


DDS Board Certified Prosthodontist
“Uptown Dental Lab has the perfect blend of predictability and the highest level of quality. My partnership with them has been one of the smartest choices of my career. My patients deserve the best. That’s why I use Uptown Dental Lab exclusively.”